Salon Hours

Tuesday9am - 9pm
Wednesday9am - 9pm
Thursday9am - 9pm
Friday9am - 7pm
Saturday9am - 5pm
Sunday11am - 5pm

Staff Bios



  • Cindy Mizelle, Owner/ManagerCindy Mizelle - Owner/Manager

    Hair and makeup have always been my passion. ... (read more)

  • MaryBeth , ManagerMaryBeth - Manager

    MaryBeth is our talented salon manager who has been with us for over 10 years. Her voice is almost... (read more)

  • Amber , StylistAmber - Stylist

    Hi, my name is Amber, and I have been in the hairdressing industry since I was 14.  It has been... (read more)

  • Angie , StylistAngie - Stylist

    Hi, I’m Angie. My career started off as a fun creative job, but it has turned out to be the... (read more)

  • Charlotte , StylistCharlotte - Stylist

    Hello, my name is Charlotte.  I have been a hairstylist working in the Tri-City area for 23... (read more)

  • Katie , StylistKatie - Stylist

    I have always wanted to do hair since I was young.  My passion for creating & designing... (read more)

  • Kelsey , StylistKelsey - Stylist

    My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is having the freedom to express my creativity with... (read more)

  • Leilani , StylistLeilani - Stylist

    I was inspired to become a hairstylist because I wanted to learn how to grow hair longer, stronger,... (read more)

  • Lucy , StylistLucy - Stylist

    Since 8th grade, I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist.  The day-to-day interaction with people... (read more)

  • Melissa , StylistMelissa - Stylist

    I have been in the beauty industry since 2014.  Throughout my career I have received training... (read more)

  • Wendy , StylistWendy - Stylist

    My name is Wendy. I was born in San Diego, CA and raised in Richmond, VA. I try to be very... (read more)